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Earn $100,000 in 5 Months with Happyglobaldonations!!!


Welcome to my blog, please read till the end to get the secret!
Today i want to teach/show you how to turn your one time $50 bitcoin into $100,000 guaranteed with just 18 paid referrals. The company gives you fixed income within some specific days but you are just to refer at least 1-2 paid referrals weekly or you can just get your 18 paid referrals once and see your money coming weekly. Instant payout OR less than 48 hours.
If you join my team today and pay your $50 bitcoin, i will show you a secret source where you can get even MANY referrals. Also its important you help your team.
Forget what you have heard or learn before about money making, make that financial breakthrough this year. With just $50 bitcoin and passion to work on your dream is all that is needed. To register, visit

*Enjoy Weekly withdrawals of $10,$20,$40,$80,150,$200,$500,$700,$1500,$2800,... $30,000 respectively for 18 weeks.
*Registration is $50 depending on exchange rate, Registration is in Bitcoins or in Naira equivalent (for Nigerians, call 08067759825 for funding) by purchase.
* Total potential earnings is $100,000 in 5 months by
Registering one person per week makes you eligible to earn and withdraw. The 18 persons can be registered all at once, in a day or weekly. 
*You can operate more than one accounts, there's no limit to what you can earn with Happy Charity
Our Strategies for easy and smooth earnings weekly:
Option A: Refer people to your link and encourage them to upgrade with $50. Or
Option B (for those that hate to recruit): Just register yourself with $30 as Main account and register sub-main account thereafter, see image. 
Without Recruiting strategy:
-Come in with $200
-Register your main account using your sponsor's link then the 4 accounts let your main account sponsor,
-You will be at level 4 in terms of direct sponsor required,
-Your main will earn money for level 1-4 which is 10,20,40,80 + 7.5 for referrals = $157.5

Are we together up to there?

-At hand now you have $157.5
- Initial capital  $120
- Profit of $37.5
- Take $30 sponsor another account under your main cos you are required at every stage to refer one person then get paid $150. You'll now have $157.5

Next level do the same from $157.5 remove $50 sponsor yourself to earn go home with $200. You will now have made a total of $327.5 at this level.

To register, visit

The next level sponsor again another account from your earnings and go home with $500.
 Continue with this trend as you go deeper in payments

Make sure every stage finds you with the required directs
You only need 18 directs to reach the highest rank of getting paid $30000

Cumulatively, if you count from 10$ to the $30000 you would have been paid a total of $100000

The other payment is matching bonus Once you reach the highest level you circle out, you start again

To register, visit
In the case of coming in with $200 remember your main account is the only active account for all these bonuses, the 17 accounts under you shall only earn if you begin referring as you did with your main account.
The advantage is they shall keep on accumulating number of spillovers if in future you decide to work with them.
Should you decide to work on them, for every account that cycles at level 18, the company will pay your main account $2,000.

👉WEEK 1: Invite 1 person and earn 💲10

👉WEEK 2: Invite 1 person and earn 💲20
👉WEEK 3: Invite 1 person and earn 💲40
👉WEEK 4: Invite 1 person and earn 💲80
👉WEEK 5: Invite 1 person and earn 💲150
👉WEEK 6: Invite 1 person and earn 💲200
👉WEEK 7: Invite 1 person and earn 💲500 subscription fee *$50*
To register, visit

👉WEEK 8: Invite 1 person and earn 💲700
subscription fee *$50*

👉WEEK 9: Invite 1 person and earn 💲1,500
subscription fee *$50*

👉WEEK 10: Invite 1 person and earn 💲2,800
subscription fee *$50*

👉WEEK 11: Invite 1 person and earn 💲3,500
subscription fee *$50*

👉WEEK 12: Invite 1 person and earn 💲4,000
subscription fee *$50*

👉WEEK 13: Invite 1 person and earn 💲6,000
subscription fee *$50*

To register, visit

👉WEEK 14: Invite 1 person and earn 💲8,500
subscription fee *$50*

👉WEEK 15: Invite 1 person and earn 💲10,000
subscription fee *$50*

👉WEEK 16: Invite 1 person and earn 💲12,000
subscription fee *$50*

👉WEEK 17: Invite 1 person and earn 💲20,000
subscription fee *$50*

👉WEEK 18: Invite 1 Person and earn 💲30,000
subscription fee *$50*

To register, visit

As you refer people into the system, you are rewarded to the 3rd level. See below
-Level 1 👉10%
-Level 2 👉5%
-Level 3 👉3%

$2000 is paid to you when any of your direct referral cycles out

To register, visit

As you refer members into the community, points are being awarded and you are being paid for it at different stage as shown below.
200 Points- Bronze Package - $30 paid to you
1300 Points-Silver Package - $50 paid to you
3000 Points-Gold Package - $100 paid to you + A wrist Watch
6500 Points-Sapphire Package - Ipad is given to you
15000 Points-Ruby Package - A Laptop is given to you
40000 Points-Diamond Package - 5 Days Trip To Dubai
80000 Points-Ambassador Package - An SUV
*🏆Award is given to those that qualifies on the 7th of every Month🏅*.
------------------------- -----------------------
=> 5 months = 18 people and profit: $ 100,000
Then this is YOUR unique opportunity. Everything from one deposit worth just $50.
***Don't allow doubt and procrastination to stop you, this is different from what you've ever known or believe. ACT NOW.
 Our TEAM Images (Proofs, seminars, snapshot, withdrawals, etc):

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